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急速赛车怎么玩赢钱:[Wake up] Grade B fund fell on the whole day, and the tariff dropped. One million luxury cars can save 100,000! Netizen: Am I missing this 100,000?

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内容摘要: ] [ debt-based debt-based raise more than just losing individual debt-based since almost halfdown in 2018, have more than just bond default...


] [ debt-based debt-based raise more than just losing individual debt-based since almost half

down in 2018, have more than just bond defaults, frequency and amount are hit a new high in recent years. Affected by this, the bond type fund issue of the main investment bond market met with resistance, and the occurrence of the loss of funds was intensive. Among the 10 funds that failed to issue this year, up to 6 of the bond fund , and the release date of the contract invalidation announcement was concentrated from April to May. At the same time, more and more bond fund was involved in the credit default violation, and the net drop in 7J89456_19_65473_9 during the year was already close to 50% , and even fund company's debt group collectively fell. With the fundamentals of bond market fundamentals continuing, the downturn in bond fund issuance may be difficult to reverse.

[ grade B grade funds ] Cry day fund fell across the board, 144 grade fund faced a batch transformation

May 21 evening, sources said, the Commission requested the classification of funds seeking 7_89456_35_65473_ 96 months on the 30th all transition Become an index fund. According to previous regulations, the withdrawal of the graded fund is a two-year transitional period. Affected by this, grade B funds fell across the board yesterday, and although the management rumored at noon on the same day, the trend showed signs of weakness. The person in charge of the relevant department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission stated that the China Securities Regulatory Commission plans to require fund managers to formulate a graded fund rectification plan by the end of June 2018 to specify the schedule of the time, and in accordance with the laws and regulations and the fund contract, by the end of 2020 Complete the standardization of all graded funds.

[pension] Pension Insurance surge in spending four years more than doubled, rising

financial aid dependence Pension Fund in China is still in a rapid increase in the scale of expenditure. According to the Statistical Communique on the Development of Human Resources and Social Security in 2017 issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on the 21st, the total expenditure of basic pension insurance funds for employees in 2017 was 3.8052 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.5% year-on-year, which was an increase from 184 billion yuan in 2013 compared to 2013_. 106% , which means that in the past four years, employee pension fund expenditure more than doubled. In addition, the fund collection income and fund expenditure gap continued to expand, and the system’s dependence on financial subsidies continued to increase.

[Customer Duties Reduction] Tariffs dropped to 15%, and it is necessary to save money when buying imported vehicles!

On the 22nd, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council issued an announcement, starting July 1, 2018, reducing the import tariffs on autos and auto parts. Among them, the tariff rate for auto vehicles with a tax rate of 25% and 20% respectively dropped to and dropped to 15%. ; the tax rate were 8%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% of tariffs on auto parts to 6% .

industry generally believe that deregulation and a considerable margin automotive industry foreign equity in To lower auto import tariffs, more world-renowned auto companies will actively enter the Chinese market by means of trade and investment, which will make China one of the most competitive auto markets in the world. This will force China’s auto industry to accelerate its transformation and upgrade. From big to strong development.

[listed] bit by bit the proposed Hong Kong stock market, or the market value is expected to reach 70 billion to $ 80 billion

According to Hong Kong Economic Times reported, after the Hong Kong-listed reform, another giant new economic enterprise plans to list in Hong Kong. The mainland's largest online auction platform, "Drops and Trips," launched its listing in the second half of the year as soon as possible, and it has initially decided to settle in Hong Kong. It also considers different listing structures and does not rule out listing in the form of shares with different rights. According to the news, it is expected that the market value of Didi could reach 70 billion to 800 billion U.S. dollars at any time when it is finally listed, and it will surpass the approximately 70 billion U.S. dollar valuation of Uber, the other global car leader.





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